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At Qairos, we are a web development agency specializing in creating and positioning websites that convert visitors into customers. In our agency, we take the time to understand your company, learn about the industry, and apply SEO strategies that help your business grow through organic visits from clients searching for your services.

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Agencia de desarrollo web y SEO Colombia

Web Development

As experts in web development, we take pride in offering custom digital solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our highly skilled team combines creative design, technical development, and SEO strategies to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also functional and optimized for search engines.

From corporate websites to online stores, we are committed to enhancing your online presence and helping you achieve your business goals.

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Our Services at Qairos

Types of  

At Qairos, we develop websites for companies in various sectors and industries. The different types of websites include:

Web Development

We design sites that reflect a professional image, building trust and credibility among your clients. We provide an effective marketing platform, facilitating direct interaction and online sales.

Online Store

An online store provides a global platform for your business, available 24/7. It prioritizes user experience with comparison features, detailed viewing, and personalized recommendations. It ensures secure transactions, building trust.

Landing Page

A website designed specifically to highlight a product, promotion, or specific action you want your customers to take. This means there are no distractions, only relevant information.


It allows reaching a global audience, providing access to courses from anywhere in the world. The flexibility of schedules and the constant availability of educational resources enable students to learn at their own pace.

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Website for Hotels and Glamping

We create websites for hotels and glamping sites that also function as a booking system for your customers. If you want to reach more clients who are searching for your services monthly, this website is for you.

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What makes us unique

No templates

No limits, we don't restrict your website with templates or predefined designs.

Premium tools

Cheap turns out expensive. We've invested thousands of dollars in tools, ensuring simplicity and security on your website.


We make it possible. We've worked with clients from various industries in 5 countries.

We research your market

What sets us apart? We conduct thorough market research, thus creating the best strategy for you.

Agencia de desarrollo web en Colombia Qairos

The best web developers

At Qairos, we have a team of developers specialized in creating websites that convert visitors into customers. Thanks to the skills of our developers and SEO specialists, we have been able to turn websites that were not receiving visits into pages that convert and receive daily visits without having to spend additional money.


Professional Web Design and Development | Our Portfolio

At Qairos, we are committed to our clients. We develop business websites that highlight the essence of your company and have one single goal: to gain more clients and more sales.

Nirvana Family Art

Landing page de tatuajes para la ciudad de Valladolid, España, a este sitio web se le aplicaron las mejores prácticas de SEO, lo que le ha permitido conseguir más de 1500 visualizaciones en Google en menos de un mes. Tiene un estilo único, con botón de WhatsApp flotante para una asesoría directa y rápida.


Sitio web dinámico, cuenta con sección de servicios, información de la empresa, formulario para personas interesadas en trabajar con ellos y un formulario de contacto. Además, cuenta con un botón flotante de WhatsApp para ser contactados rápidamente.

How do we develop professional websites?

At Qairos, we know our clients and their industry. Before starting any website, we conduct a thorough study of the company and its main competitors.

This study allows us to understand the searches made by customers, and we create a strategy that shows search engines like GOOGLE that you are the best answer to these searches. By optimizing the website with the best market practices, we can make your website stand out even above companies that have been on the internet and the market for a long time.

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Search and Research

We conduct searches for your services as if we were customers

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Specialized tools

We use specialized tools to study your competition on Google.

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Competitor Analysis

We extract the maximum number of keywords with which your customers search for you.

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Keywords for You

We study which keywords best fit your company.

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SEO Strategy

We create an effective and optimized SEO strategy for your clients and Google.

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Design and Development

We develop your company's website using state-of-the-art technology.

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Training and Education

We train and educate you with the best practices so that your business continues to grow.

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Support and Monitoring

We accompany and monitor your growth.


For web design

At Qairos, we are the perfect solution for all your web design needs in Colombia. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with high-quality service that reflects a professional image and builds trust and credibility among your clients. We design modern and attractive websites that adapt to your needs and business objectives. We focus on creating an effective marketing platform that helps you stand out in the competitive digital market.

Innovative and Customized Development
Design and Optimization
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What our clients say

"The Qairos marketing agency has exceeded our expectations. They have created a spectacular website for our company, with innovative design, intuitive navigation, and quality content. They have also helped us increase our sales and optimize our search engine positioning. They are true experts in digital marketing."
Tatiana Urrego
Pixel Geek
"Qairos has done an exceptional job with our website. They have managed to create a website that fits our needs, our audience, and our sector. They have also provided us with constant support and ongoing training in digital marketing. They are a close, flexible, and professional agency."
Fundación Volver a empezar
"The Qairos marketing agency has been an excellent choice for our project. They have delivered a website that reflects our identity, our values, and our services. Additionally, they have provided us with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which has allowed us to increase our visibility, reputation, and client base. They are a serious, efficient, and reliable agency."
Lorena Morales
"We are delighted with the service from the Qairos marketing agency. They have understood our vision and translated it into a modern, dynamic, and user-friendly website. Additionally, they have advised us at all times on the best practices of digital marketing and offered us tailor-made solutions. They are a creative, professional, and committed team."
Yesid Velez
Zona Mascotas


Do you have any doubts about building your next website?

Every company is different, and while the goal may be to sell, there are different ways to achieve it. Part of our research is to find the best way to sell your products and services online and apply it efficiently so that your customers can find your products and services.

You know your business better than anyone else, which is why for the construction of your site, we will need as much information as possible, such as descriptions, your story, your products or services, and what sets them apart from others, all the photos you have that add value for the customer. The more information you provide, the better we can understand your company and highlight your advantages.

Yes, we develop and train you in managing your website. Additionally, we provide you with a step-by-step guide so you can administer your website. If you acquire the blog feature, we teach you how to edit, delete, and add new posts, which will help you highlight your website on Google and the internet.

Yes, as a web development agency, all our plans include SEO for your website, as our goal is for you to acquire the highest number of clients, sustainably over time. Since SEO is the most cost-effective and sustainable method, we offer SEO services in all our quotes.

SEO is the optimization of your website for search engines, with Google being the largest search engine in the world. By optimizing your website for this purpose, our commitment is to find the best strategy to make your company stand out above the rest. However, this is a process that can take weeks or even months and will depend on various factors how long this can last. However, by positioning yourself in the top positions, your website will start to receive more visits and, therefore, more sales.

If you hire web development or redesign for your website, SEO will not have any additional cost for your company. However, if you wish to do SEO for an already developed website, the price will depend on various factors; therefore, we recommend that you contact us to receive a free quote for this service.

En Qairos, we offer various payment methods such as bank transfers or deposits from any bank. We also have payment facilities where you can pay 50% of the development at the beginning of the project and the remaining amount upon completion.

The development of your website involves a one-time payment.

However, other services like website maintenance require periodic payments to ensure that your website continues to function optimally over time.

The development of your website does NOT include hosting and domain registration, as these services are provided by third parties and will be contracted in your name, ensuring that you have full control over them. However, we have an agreement with a hosting and domain provider that offers you a special discount on hosting purchase and gives you a free domain for the first year. If you wish to take advantage of this discount, you can find more information here.

At Qairos, we offer a 3-month warranty. Additionally, we teach you how to back up your site in case you need to restore your website to a previous version. Furthermore, if you hire our web maintenance services, we extend the warranty for the duration of your service contract.

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